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Just Right Fitness was created to get people the results that they want, without bending your personal limits. Since 2010 I've been studying people and how to train them and get the results that they want wile keeping it fun surprising and engaging. What I discovered is the number one reason why people don't succeed in fitness is consistency. So I create doable training program that people can do consistently.

Circuit Training

Circuit Training
Created for busy professionals, our circuit training gets a full workout in 30-45 minutes. With over 30 stations and thousands of exercices, you get to pick what you do and what you target.

Get Your Body Fit

Get Your Body Fit
Tired of being tired all the time? Want to improve your energy levels? Interested in getting stronger? Want a better diet? Just want to slim down a bit? We have you covered in numerous ways.

Low Risk High Intensity

Low Risk High Intensity
Avoid risks of unnecessary injury that other workout regimens can provide. Go at your own pace, at an intensity in your comfort zone, and get the results you’ve always wanted.

"Keep your body fit & strong"

Say goodbye to the no pain no gain concept, because you don't have to suffer to become healthy. Exercise is not a punishment, exercise is movement that can heal your body and mind if done Just Right.

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  • Entirely whole body – and despite the grueling soreness associated with the strength building lifting, pushing and squatting – Cleveland keeps his sessions focused yet fun. Conducting creative, trying workouts in both individual and group setting, Cleveland is relentless in the best of ways and dedicated to his client’s success. Not a class has gone by when I haven’t felt both drenched in sweat and satisfaction. Thanks for the burn Cleve!

    Megan Sheridan

  • Cleveland is an incredibly devoted personal trainer, he truly cares about helping you become the healthiest and happiest individual you can be. He pushes you to reach goals you didn’t know were attainable. An especially unique aspect of his training is that he takes a holistic approach. He will sit and listen to what is stressing you out and help find effective solutions to ensuring you are at your best. Thank you for motivating and inspiring me to keep pushing 🙂

    Megan Aguilera

  • Cleveland is a go-getter that will inspire you to perform the same way. He understands his clients and customizes workouts according to their goals and abilities. I do not know of any other responsible trainer out there that can hone in on a client more than Cleveland. I highly recommend him.

    Alan Naguit

  • Thank you so much for helping me on my on my path to achieving my goal. Your positivity and encouragement keeps me going. Thanks for being a great motivator you always keep me inspired and grounded.

    Anna Reinisch